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COVID-19: Government Programs offering Financial Assistance

COVID-19: Government Programs offering Financial Assistance  As we all work together to reduce the spread and flatten the curve, the Covid-19 pandemic has left many Canadians facing uncertain times and even economic hardship. There are various government programs that may be able to assist residents financially. Below are links to various federal and provincial programs.…

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Better Safe Than Sorry – The Benefits of Tenant Insurance

Insurance – one of the world’s longest, most complicated business. At a time where most everything is becoming increasingly complicated; insurance is no exception. Life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, it seems like there is an insurance for everything – your home included. It can be difficult to justify the additional spend on something so…

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Four Simple Ways to Make a Rental Apartment Feel Like Home

Whether this is your first experience enjoying all the luxuries that independent living has to offer, or you have been in your own place for a while now, one thing remains – you have the control over how your space makes you feel. It can be a little overwhelming when receiving the keys and first…

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