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Sustainability at Realstar

For 50 years, Realstar has managed apartments across the country with a mission to set and maintain the highest standards in Canadian rental housing. We treat our properties the way our residents would want us to treat their homes – with a focus on long-term quality of living, high standards of maintenance, and a strong sense of community. We believe that by prioritizing the things that matter to our residents, we will ensure the operational and financial sustainability of our properties for years to come.

Some examples of initiatives undertaken to ensure long-term satisfaction and success at our properties include:

Environmentally-Conscious Planning

Installing motion sensors and dimmable LED Lighting at our properties to minimize energy consumption while ensuring residents have sufficient lighting at all times

Installing low-flow plumbing fixtures and smart irrigation equipment to ensure efficient water consumption

Increasing access to electric vehicle charging stalls and bike parking to encourage greener transportation options

Community & Wellness-Focused Design

Every opportunity is taken to expand or create social and amenity spaces at our properties to ensure residents have ample opportunities to socialize and focus on their wellness. Some examples of amenity spaces found at our properties include: social rooms, fitness rooms, rooftop patios, pools, and community gardens.

Property managers live on site and organize events to encourage residents to engage with their neighbours and community. Properties have hosted everything from themed holiday parties to summer BBQs to coffee drop-ins depending on the varying preferences of residents.

In-suite design choices are made to accommodate the changing needs and tastes of our residents. Properties may include features like workspaces, walk-in showers, and open-concept kitchens to provide residents with more options as expectations for in-suite features evolve.

Charitable Giving & Volunteering

Our residents and employees are all part of a greater community that we support through charitable giving and volunteering. By hosting events to support local and national charities, we also provide opportunities to bring people together for meaningful causes. Some of the organizations we have supported are: