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Tips on making the most of apartment living.

Four Simple Ways to Make a Rental Apartment Feel Like Home

Whether this is your first experience enjoying all the luxuries that independent living has to offer, or you have been in your own place for a while now, one thing remains – you have the control over how your space makes you feel. It can be a little overwhelming when receiving the keys and first…

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Apartment Gardens—Bring Your Room to Life

Photo by Micheile Henderson  Becoming a plant parent is a difficult decision. Depending on how much you know (or in some cases, how little), getting a plant can be either a hard choice, or a blind one. Many people don’t know what species of plants require the most care, and may opt for flowers that last…

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Four Easy Ways to Infuse Early Spring into Your Apartment

After an arduous winter of artic wind chill and dark dreary days, life seems to sparkle again with sunshine and promise of spring!  As the big thaw begins it’s natural to want to breathe some new life into your home décor. Here are four fresh ways to easily infuse some early spring into your apartment: …

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Four Fail Safe Tips for Holiday Entertaining – Apartment Style

Whether you’ve been tasked with a turn of hosting family for a festive function or you’re pulling together a select few for a holiday soiree, here are some tips to help you entertain with ease.    1.            Create Some Space Here’s where you want to get creative and maximize your space to ensure your guests…

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Realstar’s Roadmap to Navigating Noisy Neighbours

A vital component for creating a harmonious and thriving community is the quality of the relationships between neighbours.  A disagreement between neighbours can mean the difference between looking forward to coming home or feeling dread as you pull into the driveway.   While it’s naive to think that every neighbour you have will be the sort…

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Sub Metering

At Realstar, our mission is to set and maintain the highest standards in Canadian rental housing. With that in mind, have you heard about the environmental benefits of sub-metering? In Ontario alone, sub-metering could save 3.3 terawatt hours each year – nearly equivalent to the energy found in 2 million barrels of oil*. But first,…

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