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Apartment Gardens: Bring Your Room to Life

Apartment Gardens—Bring Your Room to Life

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Becoming a plant parent is a difficult decision. Depending on how much you know (or in some cases, how little), getting a plant can be either a hard choice, or a blind one. Many people don’t know what species of plants require the most care, and may opt for flowers that last for a week instead of something green, big, and with a strange name. 

However, there may be more plants that you can add to your apartment than you realize—and maybe after some research and this post, you might find one suitable for your lifestyle!

The garden inside your apartment
Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t live your dreams of owning plants. There are plants for almost any lifestyle; Succulents, ZZ plants, and Air Plants require only small amounts of water (care depending on plant). Baby’s Tears and Cyperus are more tolerant to being overwatered. Some plants are easy to take care of; others are more challenging. Depending on your skill level and wiliness to take care of your new plant babies, the sky’s the limit with what you can grow. There are even ways to grow vegetables indoors!

It’s important to remember that light is the fuel that keeps plants going—it’s their food source. Even low light plants need some, so choosing a spot to keep your plants is essential. East or south facing apartment windows tend to be the best place to put plants who need more sunlight, but any window is preferred.

Each plant has a different level of care—some like ferns require a lot of humidity, while others like succulents require a lot of sun with only a little bit of watering. It’s important to consider these factors: water, humidity, temperature and light when deciding what plant to purchase for your apartment.

Photo by Jeff Sheldon

If you want to have plants, but are unable to give them proper lighting, terrariums are a great solution for plant lovers that require minimum maintenance. Terrariums only need indirect sunlight (unless you are making a desert terrarium, which will require more sun), and can grow many different types of plants. Here’s a step by step guide on making one yourself!

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