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Keeping Your Home Tidy - Realstar Blog

Keeping Your Home Tidy

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Give everything a home. A place for everything and everything in its place are words to live by when it comes to keeping your home tidy. Instead of letting shoes gather at random areas, assign them a cubby or storage unit, have mail in an organiser etc. A handy tip is to put up extra racks and stands for errand items such as hats, scarfs and ties. Utilise jars and boxes for smaller loose items such as business cards and small jewellery.

Motivation: Motivating yourself to tackle a dirty room can be a daunting task, so use little tricks to inspire you. Maybe listen to music while you clean to pump yourself up or perhaps reward yourself when the task is done with a shopping trip, meal out etc. For some people the simple joy of scribbling something off a to-do list is all the motivation they need.

Create a routine: Doing a little tidying each day is so much easier than allowing a room to get messy over time and then facing a big clean up challenge. To avoid this, consistency is key. Assign a set amount of time each evening (even if it’s only a little). Tackle the living room and kitchen each night while attacking bedrooms once or twice a week depending on how messy they get should drastically cut down big clean up tasks. Get into the habit of cleaning all dishes before you go to bed, preventing dishes building up and let’s face it no one wants to face a sink full of dirty dishes first thing in the morning.

Empty bins regularly: Don’t allow bins to overflow, or for cardboard boxes or jar/ bottles to gather around bins. Have assigned recycling bins; an untidy bin area will create a messy impression no matter how clean the rest of the home is, and can soon spread to create an untidy room, then an untidy house.

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