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Space Saving Tips

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When converting your rental suite into a home it’s not always easy to fit your entire life into limited amount of square footage. We’ve shopped around for simple products that make a big impact in helping you declutter and stay organized with little to no tools required!

Front Entrance
Store all your essentials to get you out the door quickly and easily by creating an entry way. Find a small, empty wall near your front door and install a floating shelf, some hooks and a mirror. This easy set up organizes your keys, coat, shoes and accessories all in one neat and functional area.

August is a great time to take advantage of summer sales. While this may be great news for your wallet it can mean bad news for your closet. Adding an extender rod is a simple way to double your closet's hanging capacity without using a single tool. Simply hang it onto your existing closet rod and adjust the additional bar to the proper height. If you really want to maximize your closet space, add an over-the-door hook rack (hanging door organizers) to hang your outer wear and even shoes.

If you still need additional closet or drawer space to house seasonal items, an under the bed storage bin is great use of a tiny space. It fits perfectly underneath your bed and keeps your clothes protected until the next seasonal change.

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