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Sub Metering

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At Realstar, our mission is to set and maintain the highest standards in Canadian rental housing. With that in mind, have you heard about the environmental benefits of sub-metering? In Ontario alone, sub-metering could save 3.3 terawatt hours each year – nearly equivalent to the energy found in 2 million barrels of oil*.

But first, what is sub-metering? Sub-metering is a way to measure gas, water, electricity, and/or other utilities in each apartment suite in a building. By installing these devices, residents have the ability to understand how much energy, water or gas they use. For anyone who has a passion for green-thumb initiatives, sub-metering is one of the most effective resource for apartment living!

Advantages of sub-metering include insight into real-time usage in your own apartment home and the ability to compare usage over time. With a sub metering device, you can see your usage and make informed decisions that optimize and conserve your use. Average electricity use is reduced by 27-34%* when sub-metering is used lessening our impact on the environment.


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