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Spring Cleaning

3 Key Tasks for a Proper Spring Cleaning!

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If you can believe it – It’s already that time of year! Spring is officially upon us and what better way to kick off the warm season than to Spring Clean your apartment! The thing about Spring Cleaning is that while it feels good to have it over with, the actual concept of it can be over-whelming. Here’s a helpful hint: Complete the 3 key tasks below and the rest of your cleaning will be a breeze!

1. Clean your bathroom:
First, remove all products from the bathroom sink and bathtub. Sterilize the countertop and bathtub to remove any build up and residue. If your shower curtain is plastic or has a plastic interior liner – either toss it in the laundry or (depending on the damage) throw it out and invest in a new one. After all, Spring Cleaning only happens once a year!

2. Deep clean your floors:
Most people sweep the floors weekly, some probably get to it on a daily basis. For a deep clean, it’s time to get out the old pale and mop (Swiffer Wet Jet works great too!) and give the floor a good scrub. This task will include a bit of heavy lifting, as it’s important to clean under tables and couches – let’s face it, if we’re going to clean, let’s do it right!

3. Clean out your fridge:
I attempt cleaning out my fridge before every grocery run. Those who don’t may find a few surprises hiding in the back of their fridge (Ew!). Start by taking every item out, wipe down the interior shelves, walls, and door and then put everything back in an organized manner. Keep condiments to one side, produce to other, and everything you are not going to eat – throw it out.

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