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Explore Your City: Ottawa - Realstar Blog

Explore Your City: Ottawa

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Whether you are ‘staycationing’ or visiting in the nation’s Capital, surrounded by history and culture, it can be overwhelming to narrow down which of the many parks, museums and markets are worth a visit.  Here are a couple suggestions to help you get to know your city.

Parliament Hill

Perhaps the most iconic attraction of Ottawa, Parliament hill is worth a visit just for it’s beautiful architecture, greenery, and view overlooking the Ottawa river.  Due to its scenery it can be easy to forget this 150-year-old structure houses the federal government of Canada.  Luckily for you there are free tours available year round where you can see firsthand where our federal government resides.  The parliament buildings are aesthetically and functionally essential to Canada’s culture and definitely worth a visit.

ByWard Market

A key cultural hub in Ottawa, the Byword market has something for everybody.  From unique restaurants to farmer’s markets bars to beavertails, it will leave you wanting more.  The market is bustling 24/7 all seasons of the year and is a must-visit for anyone who lives in Ottawa.

Royal Canadian Mint

Ever wonder where the change in your pocket was made? Well… it used to be made in The Royal Canadian Mint.  Now they focus on specialized coins (which if anything is cooler), made from gold silver and other precious materials these coins are beautiful, limited, and represent a part of Canadian Culture.  If you ever felt like holding 28 pounds of gold or seeing the world’s largest gold coin, the mint will give you unique opportunities not available anywhere else in Canada.  Go for a tour of The Mint, learn the history of it and how the coins are made then at the end of the tour you have a chance to purchase a coin for yourself.

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