Four Fail Safe Tips for Holiday Entertaining – Apartment Style

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Whether you’ve been tasked with a turn of hosting family for a festive function or you’re pulling together a select few for a holiday soiree, here are some tips to help you entertain with ease. 

1.            Create Some Space

Here’s where you want to get creative and maximize your space to ensure your guests have room to mix and mingle in comfort:

      • Open up the main entertaining space by clearing out any bulky furniture and moving all seating out of the center of the room
      • Make the most of every surface for serving, for example drape a festive table cloth over a TV stand or sofa table to create a serving station
      • Utilize your front foyer to welcome guests by setting up a side table for hors d’oeuvres or laying out decorative party favors


2.            Pre-Prep

To avoid losing precious counter space in the kitchen, do as much pre-prep as possible so you don’t have the clutter of pots and pans taking away from serving space or preventing guests from fanning out into the kitchen.   Doing as much pre-cooking as possible before guests arrive will also help keep your apartment cooler, so guests won’t feel like they’re celebrating in a sauna. 


3.            Serve a Signature

An easy way to add an element of luxury to your party is by serving a signature cocktail with a festive theme like Mix that Drink’s featured Candy Cane Martini.  Don’t worry if simplicity is more your style, a classic cran vodka is sure to please, just add a splash of festive garnish like fresh cranberries and a wedge of lime to capture that Christmas colour scheme.   A signature drink also saves you from needing a fully stocked bar, but don’t forget to make a virgin version for guests who don’t drink or are driving.  


4.            Decorate to Scale

Your main priority for hosting in smaller, apartment space is your guests comfort but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on décor, just scale it down to size.   If a full sized Christmas tree will eat up too much floor space, why not opt for a mini table top version that doubles as a center piece or use evergreen wreaths to create that same woodsy, holiday vibe.   Again, if simplicity is your style some strategically placed candles and fresh florals will infuse any space with ample warmth and festive charm. 

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