Making The Most of a Small Space

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No more room in your home? Think again. There is more room than you think in your small space. Follow these tips to transform your home from cramped to cozy in no time.

Let your furniture pull a double-duty – When you have limited space, getting the most out of your furniture by letting it do double duty is vital. Use under-bed storage containers, bedside tables and bookshelves as nightstands, or coffee tables with hidden storage capabilities.

Declutter your space by storing items out of sight – Every inch counts in a small home. Hidden storage is the perfect way to combat clutter, tuck away those items you don’t often reach for.

Put away your clothes – trying to find the perfect outfit in the morning can be quite disastrous for your closet, but it doesn’t have to be. After rummaging through your closet, hang back the items instead of letting them amass into an ever-growing pile. While you’re at it, why not make your bed as well.

Let natural light in – light not only brightens up your space but it also helps to enlarge it. So draw open those curtains and let some sun in.

Add mirrors to help your space feel bigger and brighter – mirrors reflect light and make an otherwise small room look larger.

Let it go Living in a small space means having to part with things that you haven’t used in years. Make sure everything in your home has both a purpose and place.

Keep it clean – Clutter accumulates almost instantaneously in a small home so be proactive and keep a schedule when it comes to cleaning and tidying up. This will keep your space feeling fresh and spacious.

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