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Step by Step Guide To Cleaning Out Your Fridge - Realstar Blog

Step by Step Guide To Cleaning Out Your Fridge

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That highly questionable jar of white stuff in the back of the fridge has ran out of time, its end of days is finally here. That’s right it’s time to clean out the fridge, but it doesn't need to end your world. Here’s a stress free step by step guide to cleaning out your fridge as effectively and quickly as possible.

1. Unplug fridge, slide a coil brush under the units kick plate (the rectangular panel at the bottom of the unit just above the floor) to remove any gathered dust.

2. Remove all the food from the fridge ensuring it’s completely empty. Place all the food on a table or counter top.

3. Sort through the food and dispose of any gone off or out of date items. Don’t take any chances if it’s questionable better of binning it. Place food into sealed bags before disposing, decreasing the chance of leakage and mould spread. Recycle any packaging and jars.

4. Remove all shelves and drawers from the fridge. Don’t wash them right away, give them time to reach room temperature so as the warm water wont crack the cold glass. Wash one by one in the sink (use a sponge or cloth with a little dish washer liquid on it). For hard stubborn stains such as spilt milk or food residue you may want to leave the drawer or shelf soaking in warm Foamy water for a few minutes. When clean, rinse of and leave to dry at side of sink or dish rack.

5. Spray inside of fridge with a multi-purpose spray and use a sponge or cloth to clean it. Pay special attention to any shelves inside the door and seal around the door for any dirt or traces of food. White toothpaste can be a safe and effective way of removing stubborn stains plus it has a pleasant smell.

6. Ensure inside of unit and all shelves are dry and place all back in the fridge. Plug the unit back in.

7. Place all the food back in the fridge. Wipe off all jars and packaging before re-placing them. Segregate food for safety, i.e. veg on one shelf raw meet on another.

8. Wipe around the outside of the unit with multi-purpose spray.

9. Continue on with the rest of your day safe in the knowledge you’ve ticked one more thing off that dreaded to do list and that the mysterious jar will no longer haunt your dreams.

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