A Sense of Community Promotes Overall Health & Can Be Financially Rewarding

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Having a strong sense of community makes the difference from merely “living” somewhere to feeling you have a “home”.   The quality of your neighbours and being “part of” your community goes a long way in terms of how you feel about where you live.  Creating a home extends beyond the walls of your place. The quality and connection you have with those who live around you impacts your overall sense of wellbeing.
Statistics Canada found that “32 per cent of all Canadians report a weak or somewhat weak sense of belonging to their communities.” Additionally, a 2017 article published in Waterloo's therecord.com based on a social advocacy group, “The New Strory Group” study entitled “Enhancing Belonging” found that “people who have strong, supportive networks have higher levels of both physical and mental health.”  

It's no secret that good neighbours build great communities. Realstar’s “Choose Your Neighbour” referral program is one way we work to foster this dynamic. Residents are rewarded with friends and family nearby, in addition to receiving a bonus of between $250 – $1,000 for each successful referral.  When people love where they live, it’s natural for them to want to share that sense of joy with others.  

Regardless of whether you rent or own, having a place to call “home” in a supportive community, with friends and family nearby is a big contributor to overall health. When our resident's love where they live, their lives and our communities are greatly enhanced on every level.  Creating healthy, vibrant communities is a scenario where everybody wins. 

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