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Choosing The Right Art For Your Home - Realstar Blog

Choosing The Right Art For Your Home

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Artwork can be a great way of putting your personal stamp on your home. Here are 6 ideas to keep in mind when selecting the perfect piece for your space.

  1. By all means seek out all the art magazines and blogs you like for inspiration and tips, but also remember art is very personal, so when it comes to picking the right piece there are no real wrong choices as long as it makes you happy and you feel it reflects your personality.
  2. Decide on the most important and visible walls in your home, the places that would allow people to best appreciate your chosen pieces. It's best to know in advance what size artwork would be best suited to each wall.
  3. Mirror the shape of the wall, if long and narrow, choose a long narrow piece. Accentuating the shape and size the wall makes the room feel larger and more open.
  4. Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from anywhere. A TV show, a magazine, even a dentists waiting room could give inspiration to a type of image or style you’d like in your home.
  5. The right frame is important. Not only can the correct frame enhance your artwork but if chosen with the style of the furniture in the room in mind can have the effect of bridging the painting with the over-all décor.
  6. While colour shouldn’t be your guiding factor in picking your artwork, it is important to keep in mind the colour scheme of the room the piece is going into. Aim to create a balance of colour and tone in the room.

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