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Tenant Insurance

Tenant Insurance


Sometimes things happen in life we dont expect. To ensure that everyone can live worry-free at a Realstar property, residents require tenant insurance while staying with us. Tenant insurance helps to cover the cost of lost or damaged personal belongings, as well as your liability risks. Landlord insurance only covers the cost to repair the building in the event of a fire or other disaster.

With tenant insurance, your personal possessions are protected in the case of fire, theft and property damage. If your rental apartment is damaged, unexpected expenses such as hotel and food costs can add up quickly. Also, if you unintentionally cause harm or damage to other persons or the property, you would be held liable for all related costs. Having tenant insurance protects you.


Examples of the benefits of tenant insurance:

  • If personal items, such as clothing, furniture, or electronics, are destroyed by fire or water damage, tenant insurance helps you replace them.
  • If a faulty appliance such as a toaster or lamp starts a fire in your apartment, tenant insurance will help cover expenses as a result of damages to your unit and as well as for any damage caused to the rest of the apartment building.
  • If someone slips and falls in your rental suite, tenant insurance will help cover the cost of the injured persons damages.


As a Realstar resident, you have access to a preferred rate. With up to $100,000 in coverage for your contents, the insurance policy provides protection against things such as fire, theft, property damage, as well as certain types of liability. It also covers temporary additional living expenses and helps you meet your Realstar lease obligations.

Get your tenant insurance today!