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Kelvingrove Apartments
1365 Bayview Avenue Suite L1
Toronto, Ontario

T: 416-639-1120

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Multi-Unit Residential Recycling in Calgary:
Realstar Becomes the City’s Eco-Leader

Published in: Calgary Residential Rental Association Newsletter, Calgary Rents Magazine and Renters Guide Calgary
Recycling involves processing used materials into new products to prevent waste, lower the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduce… more

Realstar Wins Two FRPO Awards

FRPO Awards 2011
FRPO Awards 2012

Realstar wins Two CRRA Awards

CRRA Awards 2012

Fire Stations come together for training on high-rise apartments

It may have looked like an emergency situation at Pickering Tower last Thursday night but that was by design.
All three stations of the Amherstburg Fire Department teamed up for a training exercise at the eight-storey apartment … June 3, 2014