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Bayview Towers
161 Nelson Street
Sarnia, Ontario

T: 226-778-7339

Commitment to our Residents


Realstar, above and beyond!

Our Mission is to set and maintain the highest standards in Canadian rental housing. Our Vision is to exceed the expectations of our customers every single day.
Customers: We are completely dedicated to providing exceptional service and results to our customers through the use of best in class practices.
Respect: We employ enthusiastic people who listen to others, respect differences of opinion and accept responsibility for their actions.
Workplace: We provide a work-smart environment that supports learning, encourages teamwork and empowers individuals.
Integrity: We place great value on honesty, loyalty & trust.
Communication: We believe in timely and effective communication that is conveyed in a clear, concise and courteous manner.
Curiosity: We constantly challenge ourselves to discover unique opportunities for improvement.

Why realstar?

Outperforming the Market

Realstar has outperformed its competitors in several regions.
For example, in Niagara/St. Catherines, the CMHC vacancy rate is 3.2% versus Realstar’s rate of 2.1%. In the Greater Toronto area, where the CMHC rate is 1.3%, Realstar’s vacancy rate is 0.7%.

Realstar currently operates in every major market in Canada and a considerable number of secondary markets. Our holdings range from small buildings with a few suites to complexes of 1,500 suites and up.

We consistently excel with above-market rents and lower -than-average vacancy rates. As of July 2012, Realstar’s national vacancy rate was approximately 1.6%, almost half the national CMHC average of 3.1%.

Customer Service at Realstar

A great building can be defined by the level of service it provides to its residents. At Realstar we are proud of our commitment to our residents and it is reflected in a recent JD Power and Associates survey.

They found that the average Realstar score was 725; compared to a National average of 687.

Realstar also scored “above average” on each of the 10 criteria used to measure customer satisfaction. We ranked particularly high in Courtesy and Friendliness of Staff, Quality of Maintenance, Staff Workmanship and Resident Communications.

Community Involvement

Realstar participates in the community through a number of different projects and initiatives.
Events such as Earth Day, Clean Air Commute and Treasure Sales are a wonderful time to show our appreciation for the land we live on and help in keeping the environment sustainable.

Other Initiatives we have taken include Community Gardens and Recycled Light Fixtures, with our old light fixtures donated to the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. Realstar also fosters an in-building community feel by offering Welcome Baskets to new residents throughout many of its buildings as well as many regularly scheduled events.

Realstar is proud of its work in the community and hope that you will also join in participating in our next event!